My Backyard – ‘Wadi Degla’

This place is unbelievably quite in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world, Cairo. After my amazing trip at Dahab with my fatbike, I decided to take my new fatbike for a spin at ‘Wadi Degla‘. Although it was winter, the sun was high in the sky making the weather warm and perfect for a fatbike ride. I put my bicycle bag on my shoulders, inside it was my water bladder. I put on my black helmet , wore my glovesadjusted my Fitbit Surge watch and put on some music to keep me going.

In the valley, there are two trails you can ride on. One is uphill, beginning from the right of the valley’s entrance. Nearly all MTB riders take this route since there are a lot of hills to ride and high-speed descents.All hikers and 4×4 Jeep riders take the other trails, which is shown in the picture below. This trail is about 12 Km long. I took this trail to test my bike.

I made the tire pressure 15 psi since most of the valley is not covered with thick sand. The fatbike was really stable. It is not as heavy as it looks and it does not take much of a time to get used to it. You still need to exert more effort to move this fatty on sand.

I pedaled through the valley smoothly. It was only me and my fatbike in the valley. Although my heart rate was rising up fast till 160-170 bpm, my mind was relaxed. All the negative energy accumulated during the workweek vanished with each pedal.

The valley has this hidden beauty I can’t describe in words. Most hikers only go 5 Km deep and don’t continue much further. The color of rocks become brighter and the scenery starts to change when you go beyond the 5 Km in the valley. Green bushes started to appear along the way. Between these bushes, there are tracks that take the shape of small water pond which existed a long time ago. You can find seashells, limestone, and marine fossils everywhere. You can go pedaling a thousand times in this valley and can’t get bored of it.

I took the main track of the valley all the way until I reached 7 km deep in the valley. I wasn’t that tired from pedaling but I stopped for some time to view the scenery. I took off my headphones to listen to sounds around me. I heard the sound of serenity for the first time in the busy city of Cairo. You can hear the sound of wind hitting the small bushes. You can see folk of birds flying above the valley.

On the way back, I felt that I was gaining speed. The valley is on a 10-15 degrees slope.  I got quite bored a bit of the main track so I started riding off course. I pedaled through the bushes and rode on the small ancient ponds tracks. The bike rode perfectly on the thick sand, ponds, and limestone. I really doubt other mountain bikes can go smoothly on these trails without getting a flat tire.

I’ve recorded my ride using the GoPro HERO4 Silver. I put the camera on a bike holder which was one of the few accessories I bought for the Go Pro. Below are some clips showing my first ride at ‘Wadi Degla‘ with the Fat Bike Gravity Bullseye Monster.

I made that day 13.8 Km, yet it felt like riding for 40 Km. Thanks to my Fitbit Surge watch, you can see also my heart rate during the whole ride.

Wadi Degla‘ is a great place to escape to relax during the weekend and a great backyard for me to practice and get used to my Fatbike. From Jan 2016 till today, I go to ‘Wadi Degla‘ biweekly during winter and occasionally in summer due to the hot weather. Every timeI try to reach the end of the valley.

In Feb. 2016, I went to Ras Sedr, a famous getaway for Cairo resistance to enjoy the beach before Spring. You can read about it in my next post – “Riding on Ras Sedr Beach”

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