Muddy Ride at Wadi Degla

Although it is Sping, it rained heavily in Cairo, Egypt for two days. All the streets were sinking in water ponds. It was a great chance to ride my fatbike at ‘Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla‘ had small water ponds itself. Also, there were large areas which turned into muddy slippery trails. There were muddy trails before at ‘Wadi Degla‘. Riding on mud with a bike is like walking into the rain without getting wet. Sometimes my bikes swirled because of the slippery mud. This makes maneuvering the bike more challenging. I shifted in higher gears in order to gain more control on my bike when riding on mud.

Here are pictures of the muddy ride at ‘Wadi Degla‘.

Happy Easter.

Muddy Ride at #wadidegla #fatbike #egypt

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Mud riding at #wadidegla #fatbike #egypt

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Small ponds of rain water #wadidegla #egypt #fatbike

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