Downhill Ride at Wadi Connection – Part 3

Do you like Roller Coasters? Do you like the adrenaline when riding one?. There is one hidden coaster in Dahab which lasts around 10-15 minutes. The vibration and speed were quite high. The good part is that you are in control of speed. Only very few people know about “Wadi Connection”. It is a downhill at the entrance of Dahab main road. Not much info. is written online about this place.

I took the advice of Mr. Hany – owner of Dahab cycling club and took a van to  the highest point of “Wadi Connection”  early morning. I started my descent with a speed of 10 km/hr on rocky unpaved terrain and gained speed till I reached 30 km/hr. You can observe that in the video below. Although it was hot in the morning, I didn’t feel the sun heat. The wind, created by my cruising speed, cooled my body down  The vibration increased by time and my grip on the handlebar was getting weaker with every minute passed. I didn’t pedal at all during the whole descent. 

This video below will show my downhill ride.

It took me 12 minutes to reach the bottom of the hill. Below is my log on ‘Stava’

This downhill made me more confident with my fabike. This bike was really stable compared to mountain bikes. I learned also not to hold the handlebar so tightly, you can loosen a bit the grip while keeping the bike in full control. I’ll deferentially try the downhill again when I go to Dahabagain

After my great descent at “Wadi Connection”, I decided to treat myself by going snorkeling at a famous spot in Dahab called “The three poles.  

#3pools #dahab

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#coralreef at #3pools #dahab

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Snorkeling at #3pools #dahab

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The three days adventure at Dahab back in 2015 opened a vast opportunity for me to ride on different terrains. My new fatbike gave me access to places I could have never been. 


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