Sandy Beach Ride at Dahab Lagoon – Part 2

One of the hidden wonders in Dahab is “The Lagoon”. A lot of tourists just sit to the lagoon admiring the view only. I guarantee that very few do this when they come to the lagoon, which is riding a bicycle at before sunset at the lagoon.

After my long ride to Abu GalumI decided to take a break in the next day and try a quite ride at the lagoon. One thing I wanted to try it is riding on soft sand. Before Sunset, I took my fatbike and went off to the lagoon. First I rode on soft sand. It was a challenge. You need more torque power to overcome the resistance of the sand. I shifted to highest gear in order to maximize my pedaling power. One thing is for sure, you burn a lot of calories in a very short period of time when pedaling on sand.

I got stuck a lot while pedaling but overall all I managed to ride well. Pedaling on soft sand was one of my ‘To do’ list with this bike.

I kept riding the lagoon until the soft sand became thick. I was able to pedal better and faster beside the lagoon. The sun wasn’t that high in the sky making the lagoon shine like diamonds.

I reached to a hotel called “Ibis Styles Dahab Lagoonfrom the beach side. Unfortunately,  the hotel security guards refused to let me ride on their shore. I had to circle around the hotel from outside in order to bypass the hotel. It was quite annoying to go back and forth around the hotel without view the sea.

Here is a short video of my ride.

Here is my ride on ‘Strava’

If you had plans to Dahab, you should rent a bike before sunset. The experience is worth leaving your tour guide alone.

I asked my friend “Hany Atef” –  Founder of Dahab Cycling Club for advice to try new trails at Dahab. I told me to try hidden downhill called “Wadi Connection“. Check out my next adventure in Dahab – Downhill at Wadi Connection – Part 3.

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