About Me

Hi, I’m Samer Sherif – a solo traveler on a Fatbike. Welcome to my blog.

Join me as I share my Fatbike adventurers, useful tips , fun videos and amazing pictures from exotic places. My aim is to ride my Fatbike on all terrains, from sandy-rocky beaches to snowing mountains and hills, beginning from Egypt and stretching out to the rest of the world.

The goal is to inspire and motivate you, to get you out of your comfort zone and explore the world from the eyes of a Fatbike.

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What is a Fatbike?

Fatbike is an amazing off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 inches (97 mm) or larger, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand and mud. The wide tires can be used with inflation pressures as low as 5 psi to allow for a smooth ride over rough obstacles.

First test ride on my gravity bullseye monster fatbike

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Fatbikes appeared first in Alasaka, USA then it boomed out in the past years to Europe, Asia. Till today,  Fatbikes are heard in the Middle East but still unpopular and undesirable to ride on.

Why Do I like Fatbikes? 

Fatbike can take you to amazing places, places that can’t be ridden on any other kind of bike. They are the perfect bicycles to go off-road . The great thing about Fabikes, you don’t need to be in shape to ride it. You don’t need to be like your skinny road bike cyclist nor buy their skinny outfit.


Midway to Abu Galum

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For me, I like it when people gaze at me when riding my fatbike anywhere. They think that I am riding a bat-mobile ( Batman’s bicycle).